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Listening to Parents & Carers: Always Improving!


In addition to our regular informal conversations with parents & carers, we invite feedback/comments through the completion of short questionnaires during the school year. We think it is important for you to know that we have listened and how we have responded to your feedback so will always send home a summary outlining what "You Said" and what "We Did".


Year 3: We are aware that the transition from the Infant School can be a busy time and families are given lots of information about new routines and expectations! It is important for us to better understand your experience of the move to our school so a short questionnaire is distributed during our Year 3 assembly and this year, your feedback included:


  • Very informative meetings and visits beforehand and holiday club helps!

  • Very smooth transition

  • Really enjoyed Pyramid Club

  • My child has responded well to the reward schemes

  • Enjoyed “Meet the Teachers” meeting

  • Miss Daly has been incredible!


Your suggestions:


  • Keep Pyramid Club going! 

Pyramid Club is a short term intervention for selected children but we have lots of other clubs including "Chat and Colour" at lunchtime.

  • Allow children to join Pyramid Club part way through and/or access support once at the school?

Unfortunately, the group has already bonded and it would be unfair to introduce new children part way through. Please speak to the teacher if you are worried your child might be struggling with friendships/confidence as there are lots of things we can do to help.

  • Carpet in the hall 

As the hall is also used for PE and lunchtimes, this would not be practical.

  • Prepare children for the increase in work 

We work with the Infant School to create lots of opportunities for children to become familiar with the Junior School and the staff. We spend lots of time in September talking children through routines/expectations and always check that they understand. Please come and see us and/or pop a note in the Home/School diary if your child is struggling.

  • Better communication between  parents & staff/teachers 

We are always looking to improve communication and we have a working group tasked with reducing paper in school and better utilising technology. It is always worth checking our webisite as we work hard to ensure that the information is up to date. Also, you could join our FAF! Facebook group as other parents can often help and finally, please come in and speak to the teacher.



Years 4, 5 & 6: we invite feedback usually during the Spring Term on a variety of areas identified by staff and governors.