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Year 6

RReport Comments – Year 6 – Pupils


  • I am really happy with my report and all of my achievements during year 6.  I have enjoyed learning with different teachers – they have all put a smile on my face.  I will truly miss VPJS.
  • I think that I have had a brilliant year and amazing time at VPJS.
  • It has been a fun experience.
  • I am happy with the progress in my learning and I think that I have grown more confident throughout the year.  I am proud of myself.
  • This has been my favourite year yet, because of the fun topics.
  • I am very pleased with my report and results.
  • Thank you to all the teachers for helping me improve and for everything that you have taught me.
  • I am really happy that I have improved my reading.  I have enjoyed being at VPJS.
  • I am proud of my SATs results and have enjoyed learning in year 6.
  • I think that I have improved a lot in maths and English.
  • I am pleased with my report, because I feel I have achieved my goals.  While I was reading, I saw all of the nice things said about me – which put a big smile on my face.  I will miss VPJS.
  • Thank you for your support throughout the year.  My confidence has built and I have made amazing friends.
  • I enjoyed every part of year 6 especially Robinwood.


Report Comments – Year 6 – Parents/Carers


  • Thank-you VPJS for being part of her primary school journey.  She has a great time, successful achievements, love of reading and increased confidence all because of hard work of the VPJS staff and a friendly, lovely environment in school.
  • He has really enjoyed his time at VPJS.  As parents, we have enjoyed working with teachers and watching him grow as a person through the lessons he has had to learn both academically and creatively.  Thank-you for four great years!
  • Thank-you for all of your help at VPJS.
  • I am incredibly proud of her achievements this year. She has enjoyed every moment in school – you guys are superstars!
  • I am very proud of his progress this year.  He has had fantastic all-round support and this year he has developed his confidence and resilience.
  • I feel that the school has enabled him to develop to the best of his ability – so I can only thank you all.
  • Thank you for getting him ready for secondary school.
  • He is happy and I am happy!  I am impressed with his progress.
  • I am very proud of her progress through her time at VPJS.  Thank you to the staff for their support.
  • Thank you for being wonderful and supportive towards him.
  • I am impressed that he has made improvements in his learning.
  • I am really pleased that he has made a big effort to learn.
  • Many thanks to her teachers and support staff for your care and guidance throughout her time at VPJS.
  • She has developed academically and grown positively.
  • Thank you for your support in his education.