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Year 5

Report Comments – Year 5 – Pupils


  • An amazing year but it has gone so quick but time flies when you are having fun.  It has been such a good year – I hope that year 6 is the same.
  • Thank you so much for my report.  My report would not have been what it was if it wasn’t for your support.  You have made me feel a lot more confident in my ideas.
  • I have loved the silly moments this year!
  • In year 5 my favourite subject was science.
  • I am proud of getting above in most subjects.  I will definitely try to take less days off next year.
  • I really appreciate all of your hard work in teaching and nagging me!
  • I have enjoyed being in school every day for the first time!
  • Thank you for a fantastic year!  It’s gone so fast and this has been the best year for sure!
  • I am happy that I am above in maths and finally secure in my writing.  I have really enjoyed learning about endangered animals in science.
  • I loved reading my report.  I thought I had done well but not this good.
  • I am very happy with my report and want to achieve the targets you have set me.
  • I am pleased with my progress in all subjects.
  • This year I have been working very hard and put the most effort I could into my learning.
  • We have had lots of fun and it has been my favourite year.  I now love English and read a lot.
  • I agree that I have made progress in maths.


Report Comments – Year 5 – Parents/Carers


  • I am very proud of her for trying so hard in everything and are pleased that her confidence has improved.
  • Thank you for your dedication and for providing a warm and supportive environment to learn.
  • We are absolutely delighted with her report and with the progress she continues to make.  She has loved year 5.
  • Her report was a total pleasure to read and reflects how much she has enjoyed year 5.  We are really pleased that her confidence, perseverance and resilience have started to grow in maths.  It was a delight to read about her being responsible and organised (if only she was like that at home!).
  • We are delighted with her report.  We are very proud of her efforts and achievements and we know she has really enjoyed year 5.  We are particularly pleased with her increased confidence in maths.
  • We are delighted with her report and incredibly proud that her hard work and commitment has paid off again this year.  She loves coming to school and we have been blown away by the staff she has had.
  • Thank you for giving her a good environment to thrive.
  • He has enjoyed year 5, worked hard and has made fantastic progress.  Thank you for the support he has received throughout the year and for your positive comments in the report.
  • We have noticed an improvement in his handwriting.  He is always eager to come home and tell us what his latest topics is and what he has learnt.
  • We are very pleased with her excellent report.  Thank you for your very nice comments.
  • I want to say thanks for all of your hard work.
  • He needs to continue to build his confidence and ask for help.
  • The progress that he has made is amazing, especially in maths.
  • We are very proud of her this year.  The class teacher has been a fantastic role model and has understood how to help each child reach their own potential.  She has gained confidence in maths and she also enjoys it for the first time!
  • Thank you for your efforts and for giving clear targets to improve.  Well done on another successful year at VPJS.
  • He has tried hard to learn his times tables and improve his maths and liked reading the Nowhere Emporium.
  • Yet again we are very very happy with her progress.  She has clearly enjoyed year 5 and has come on leaps and bounds.  Her maths progress has been particularly good to see.