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4S - Wednesday 7th July


Hello, 4S! This is our learning page for today. From tomorrow (Thursday 8th July) we will be learning online via Teams again. If you do not have access to a device to connect to Teams, please phone the school office (912-5005) ASAP to get something sorted for you. 


This morning, please can you complete the Maths sheets below. You can just write your answers on some paper or on a Word document. We will continue our English work tomorrow but if you have not finished your opening paragraph, please get that done today.


In the afternoon, you can spend time sorting your notes from Monday's research lesson into the Amazon Tribes into an informative fact file. You have your Geography books to do this in or you can use a Word document and show off your computing skills. 


You can send any of your work to


I will see you all again at 9:15am on Thursday 8th July via Teams.