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Year 4

Report Comments – Year 4 – Pupils


  • I am proud of myself, because I have either achieved my goals or achieved higher.
  • It has been a great school year.
  • Thank you for an excellent report.
  • Next year I will achieve my targets with Mr Moroney.
  • I am pleased with my scores this year.
  • I am very proud of my report and agree with it.
  • Thank you for my report.  I agree with everything you wrote!
  • I think that my report is good.
  • I have enjoyed learning about India.  I always try my best in lessons.
  • I think that my report is fair.  I know that I need to work on boosting my confidence in maths.
  • I am very proud of my report.  I have really improved in my maths and hope to be greater depth next year.
  • I agree that I need to concentrate more and stop distracting others.
  • I have had a good year.
  • Thank you for being a kind teacher.
  • I am pleased that I did better than last year.
  • I am so proud of myself, especially my achievements in maths.
  • I enjoyed Times Tables Rockstars, because it has helped to improve my maths.
  • I agree with this report and next year I will focus on my reading target.
  • I am very proud of myself for being on target this year.
  • I think personally my report is very good and I was proud of it.
  • My writing has improved the most.



Report Comments – Year 4 – Parents/Carers


  • She has tried hard and she has been supported greatly by the wonderful year 4 team.  She really enjoys coming to school every day.
  • This has been his best year and I want to thank you for all the encouragement, support and extra attention and incentives you have given him this year.  It means the world to use that you have been able to focus on the positives and bring out the best in him.
  • Thank you so much for a great school year.  He has been much more engaged this year and improved his concentration.
  • Thank you for such a wonderful report.
  • Reading his report make me feel like a proud parent.
  • He always comes home and talks excitedly about topics.
  • His report this year has made me immensely proud.
  • We are proud of his achievements to date and hope that he continue working towards his targets.
  • He has gained more confidence this year.
  • We are pleased with her positive attitude and are happy that she has settled well.
  • We have enjoyed year 4 and all the school has offered.
  • He has made progress in all areas this year and we hope that this continues in year 5.
  • I am very proud of his work ethic and overall positive attitude towards school.
  • Thank you for being very specific regarding targets for improvements.
  • I am delighted by his report.
  • We would appreciate some guidance as to what would be a suitable challenging text for her to read.
  • I hope that she carries on to achieve her goals and continues to do well in all her subjects.
  • We have been pleased with her progress and she has really enjoyed coming to school.  She is self-motivated and will be reading more challenging books over the summer.
  • We appreciate all of the advice that he has been given this year.  We hope that he continues to work with a positive attitude in year 5.
  • She has worked hard this year especially towards her maths.
  • I agree that he needs to believe more in himself.
  • His confidence has bloomed this year and he enjoyed taking part in the production.
  • We are glad that he knows what he needs to work on next year.  He enjoys school and is happy to be with good friends and teachers.
  • We were pleased with his report and he has enjoyed year 4.
  • I am pleased to see that his confidence has grown.  I would like to be pushed out of his comfort zone.