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Year 3

Report Comments – Year 3 – Pupils


  • I think that I did well and I know that I need to be the leader of new things.
  • I am proud of my report.  I will keep challenging myself and thank you for being a great teacher.
  • I love school and I am really excited to be going into year 4.
  • This year is a memory that makes me feel happy.  I had difficulties with maths, because it was my hardest subject to do, but now I really enjoy it.  It is one of my favourite subjects.
  • I am very happy with my report and thank you for helping me so much.
  • I am very proud of my report.  Thank you for telling me what I need to work on.  I loved getting star writer.
  • I am very impressed like my parents with my report.  I want to stay in year 3, because I like you teaching me.
  • Next year, I will continue to work harder with my maths.
  • I am really proud of my report and I know what I need to improve in year 4.
  • I am extremely proud of myself this year.
  • My highlight of year 3 was STEM week, because you got to do fun experiments.
  • I have loved being in year 3


Report Comments – Year 3 – Parents/Carers


  • Perhaps the thing that matters most to parents whether their child finds school a place they are comfortable at and where they enjoy learning and expressing themselves as they grow up.  We are extremely happy that this school does this and more for our child.  The fact that he wants to do better at everything at school is a measure of the positive culture and approach he experiences at school.  We hope that you will continue to positively challenge him to keep growing and improving his understanding and abilities.
  • She enjoys VPJS.  It is one of the best school’s around.
  • We are really pleased with her transition from the infants to the juniors.  She has settled in well and loves coming to school everyday.  She has never wanted to miss a single day so that says it all!  She is happy to learn, so really pleased.
  • We are very proud of how well he has done.  We will continue to support him at home so that he is able to excel in all he chooses to do.
  • She has learned a lot and her reading and writing has improved massively.
  • Thank you for making her enjoy school.
  • She found the transition hard but has really found her feet in the last term and a half and loves it now!
  • She really enjoys her time in school and talks about her teachers and friends at home.
  • We are pleased with his progress.  He always tries hard and it is good to see that it is reflected in his report.
  • He has really enjoyed his first year of juniors and comes home every day talking about what he has learned.  We would like to thank all of the staff that he has for encouraging him (particularly for involving him in the school council as it has really built his confidence).
  • I am glad that he has made progress this year.  We will together work on his targets for improvements.
  • We are pleased that she is achieving her targets.
  • She has found a love for reading in her spare time and I am proud of her progress.
  • I am proud that she always tries her best in everything she does.
  • I am really proud of how far she has come.
  • It is comforting to know that he has made good progress this year.
  • I am pleased to hear that he has settled in to his class and shown progression in his work.
  • He has worked extremely hard and has really enjoyed school.  He takes pride in everything he does.