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Weds 13/05/20



Let's get our brains warmed up this morning - with a bit of a challenge! You are going to need to apply the learning we've been doing around angles, to see if you can find all the missing angles. 


Hints: think about total angles on a straight line; think about the rule of opposite angles; think about the rule about angles around a point (circle) and finally think about the rule for angles within a triangle. 

Maths - Calculating with Measurement 


Today we are continuing with our measurement theme, and thinking about how we can calculate different questions and problems which include units of measure smiley

Work through these questions first to see how you get on


Complete the activity below, use a thesaurus (these can be found online too) to find more exciting words to replace the words in bold in the text below.


Look and read again the description from yesterday.

We are going to write a similar 'fantasy' style- like Harry, Ron and Hermione- you are going to meet a monster!!  Read the opening section of 'The Monster' (see below).  What happens next?  Brainstorm ideas for your writing.
Look at the WAGOLLs below, think about what makes them effective.
Use the plan below to plan your writing, remember you're continuing the story. Keep your plan safe as you will need it tomorrow.