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Wednesday 24th June





Inspired by the true story of Philippe Petit, you are going to write a letter. There are lots of options of what style of letter you can write and who your letter will be to.


You could

+ Write a letter to Petit himself to say that he is inspiring and what you thought of his walk

+ Write a letter to Petit asking him to think about the consequences of his actions ( other people might try/its dangerous)


+ Write a formal letter to a judge after he is arrested to convince the Judge to be strict with Petit because he broke the law

+ Write a persuasive letter to the judge asking them to forgive Petit and let him go without punishment.


Or an idea of your own.




Have a think about the difference of a formal and informal letter and writing to persuade or to discuss.

Starter - Area of rectangles


Main lesson 

We will be looking at converting units of measurement for the rest of this week. 

Today we will focus on kg and km. 


Go through the PowerPoint and answer the calculations in your books as you go. The answers are there for you to check you are understanding it.