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Wednesday 22nd April


Time to calculate! Spend 15 minutes working through the second part of the arithmetic paper! Have you beaten your score from last week? yes

Time to calculate!


Angles in a triangle


A bit more practise



Miss Tidman and I are handing over the teacher role to you yes Have a look at the sentences that we have written, and see if you can spot the spelling mistakes that we have made! There's a virtual high five from us if you manage to correct all 8 of them smiley

Correct our mistakes


To warm up our brains let's look at: 'The Simple Past & Present Perfect Tense'.  

Use the power point below.

Simple Past & Present Perfect Tense

Using the 'Persuasive adverts' help sheet and WAGOLL write an advertisement for your magical sweet.


Continuing the Harry Potter theme - have a go at these quick fire questions about Bilbo Baggins.

Allow yourself a maximum of 10 minutes to do this.

Bilbo Baggins comprehension