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Wednesday 20th May



Did your forest look like this?





Hopefully it was a pleasant forest as the sounds in the audio clips included footsteps, birds tweeting, twigs snapping, leaves crunching and water running.

So hopefully you didn't draw any spooky settings!



You are going to watch the beginning of our new video called

'Chaperon Rouge'

We will be used this video to inspire our English lessons

and writing tasks over the next two weeks.



Task 1

Watch the video up to around 1 minute 45 seconds as the character falls asleep.


Then summarise what has happened so far in 5 sentences.


Task 2

Roll the dice to change a word in sentence below.

(If you don't have a dice then choose random numbers)


The girl walked through the quiet forest


Can you identify the word class of each colour?

Roll the dice 5 times. What sentence have you finished with?


Chaperon Rouge

Still image for this video
Remember to stop at 1 minute 45 seconds as the character falls asleep.




Lesson - summer week 3

Lesson 3 - Divide with remainders