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WALT: describe the properties of 2D shapes


Remind yourself of the different 2D shapes

THINK: can you remember the difference between a regular and irregular shape?


5 sided shape =

6 sided shape =

7 sided shape =

8 sided shape =

9 sided shape =

10 sided shape =

Look at the powerpoint which tells you all about the properties of different 2D shapes.

Then, have a go at one of the activities below. There is an easy, medium and tricky activity depending on how confident you're feeling with shape.


Have a go at this 2D shape crossword by using the clues.

If you manage to complete it, send a picture to




WALT: Create different forms of poetry


Today we're going to write a list poem explaining the features of the dragon you created. The list poem will start from 10 and count down the different parts of your dragon. 


Take a look at the example: 


A dragon is a curious thing, all large and mighty.
He has 10 sharp talons to swipe away annoyances.
9 sharp spikes that stop you from riding his great back.
8 rows of gleaming scales shining brighter than starlight.
7 jagged teeth sharper than a knight’s sword.
6 great ivory horns to scare the bravest of predators.
5 deep colours in his eyes, seeing far and wide.
4 strong legs that bound across mountains.
3 long breaths blowing a furnace of hot, cold and hotter still.
2 tremendous wings stirring up a tornado when beaten.
1 enormous head that holds all the world’s secrets.
A dragon is a curious thing, though no one has ever seen him.


The secret to this poem is to compare the features of your dragon using similes and metaphors. Does your dragon have a jagged back like a mountain range? Or perhaps it has eyes a black as deep as midnight. 


Write down 10 things that you have on your dragon. What could you compare the features to? 


When you're ready, use this format to complete your poem:


A dragon is a curious thing, all ___________ and ___________.

He has 10 ___________________________________________.

9 __________________________________________________.

8 __________________________________________________.

7 __________________________________________________.

6 __________________________________________________.

5 __________________________________________________.

4 __________________________________________________.

3 __________________________________________________.

2 __________________________________________________.

1 __________________________________________________.

A dragon is a curious thing, though no one has ever seen him.


Don't forget to send your poem to!