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Thursday 18th June 2020







Have a go at these questions into your book.

Just write the answer.






These problems aren't draw to scale

Don't worry about drawing them out - just write the answer into your book.



a) Ayaan ran around the perimeter of his local park.

He used his phone to measure the distance as he ran.

From the map below, work out the total distance he ran around the perimeter around the park.




b) Farmer Green wants to put a fence around his ferret enclosure.

What is the length of wire he needs to go all the way around the enclosure?




c) Haris has designed a T-shirt with initial on it.

He wants to go around the edge of the letter in black fabric paint to make it stand out.

Work out the perimeter of the paint.






Mrs Taylor is putting a border around a display in the school entrance hall.

The border will be a funny shape.

Can you help Mrs Taylor work out the length of the border she will need?

(TIP: be careful with cm and m)





Find the perimeter of these shapes.

-> First, you'll need to figure out the missing amounts.






Have a go at these grammar and punctuation challenges in your writing books:

WALT: Use fronted adverbials



Using this picture and the adjectives word bank from yesterday, today we are going to create sentences using fronted adverbials. 


A fronted adverbial is a word or a phrase which adds extra detail to the main clause sentence. It can tell the reader where, when or how something is taking place. 


We are going to concentrate on using fronted adverbials for where.


Here are some examples of fronted adverbials that you might like to use. Try and write two sentences for each category: ships, cliffs and weather. There might be some that you could add more to.


Remember, this is a tense, spooky tale so your vocabulary choices should reflect this! 


Challenge yourself to include an expanded noun phrase into some of your sentences. This will create a better scene.


For example:

Below the mist, the bare skeletons of long forgotten ships lay silently.