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Wednesday 17th June


Time to warm our brains up!


Let's see what you can remember from the video.


Can you find 3 sets of parallel and perpendicular lines around your house?


Use arrows to show the parallel lines in these shapes and the right angle notation (as seen in the question above) to show the perpendicular lines.





Have a go at these questions below in your maths book. Draw them out if you need to.






Your challenge (for Wed & Thur) - imagine you are the author of The Lost Happy Endings and you have to write a different ending.

Does Jub get the lost happy endings back from the old lady?

How is your magical object used to rescue the happy endings of stories? (gold pen, poison, cage, wand)

What happens to the old lady?

Does Jub get to keep her job?


Be as imaginative as you like about your story ending.

This is your first draft.

Now write it up again making improvements and in your best handwriting.

Email your stories to us - we would love to read them.