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Wednesday 13th May


Time to warm our brains up!


Create your own visual timetable

Write down or draw a picture of everything you do throughout the day and then separate them into A.M. (12am-12pm) or P.M (12pm-12am). Can you put them in time order?


Begin with the A.M or P.M activity then challenge yourself with some reasoning and problem solving questions

Our story this week is called 'Ug: The boy genius of the Stone Age'.


Writing task: Ug is written in the style of a comic. Create your own comic strip about Ug. What problem can he solve? Remember he is a 'genius of the Stone Age'! Use one of the comic strips below or create your very own.


UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age and his search for soft trousers

Learn even more about the Bronze Age by reading this text and answering the questions carefully.