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Wednesday 10th June


Time to warm our brains up!

How many right angles make a half turn/three-quarter turn/ full turn? Where can you see a right angle at home/outside? Which shapes contain right angles? Can you think of a shape which doesn’t have any right angles? How many right angles does a __________ have? Can you draw a shape with _____ right angles? What headings would we place in our table?


Have a go at the questions below in your maths book.





The Lost Happy Endings
by Carol Ann Duffy & Jane Ray



Here are some sentence starters and word banks to help you...

As the sun set over the forest, the majestic forest floor started to come alive for another long night.

There were.....                               with . ..........

Under the huge canopy of leaves, there was a strange chirping sound coming from....

There were tall, oak trees that ...….

Click on each picture to read the story of The Lost Happy Endings...