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Wednesday 10th June



We want to make our narratives as descriptive as possible tomorrow.

A great tool for helping the reader to empathise with characters

is the 'Show not tell' technique.


Can we describe how the girl is feeling without simply saying 

scared, tired, sad.


How do we know she is feeling these emotions?

What might that look like as an expression, a movement, a gesture?




It would be a very boring story if we didnt add some interesting details.

She woke up. It was just a nightmare. The wolves chased her. She was scared.


Have a go at using the show not tell technique.

How can we show she is having a nightmare?
How can we show she is scared?
How can we refer to the wolves?



Chaperon Rouge.mp4

Still image for this video


Starter for today

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

Take your time to look at the steps provided and then have a go at the questions.



Angles continued - choose your own level and remember to check your answers after you have finished.

Challenge - try the two challenges