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Wednesday 06/05/20



A little recap this morning of different types of triangles.


To brighten up your morning, we've found a song to remind us about the different types of triangles and their properties; have a listen to it and then have a go at classifying the triangles below based on their properties. 

Classifying Triangles

Maths - Angles in regular polygons


It's our last lesson on angles today (whoop whoop)! Again, have a watch of the video on the White Rose website, to help explain this concept.



polygon is a flat, two-dimensional (2D) shape with straight sides that is fully closed (all the sides are joined up). The sides must be straight. Polygons may have any number of sides. A shape with curved sides is not a polygon.

A bit more practise



Today's spelling focus is homophones and near homophones. Have a read through the diary entry below and see if you can spot the spelling errors. Re-write the passage out with the correct spellings.

Check your answers - did you get them all?

Make it clearer

Look at the sentences below.  The meanings of the sentences are not

always clear.  Use dashes, commas or brackets to make the meaning of the sentences clear.


PREDICT- What might the 'Midnight Duel' (Chap 9) be?

Read Midnight Duel up to page 160.  Answer the 'RETRIEVE' and 

'INFER' questions.

Read to the end of the chapter.

REMEMBER- Use evidence from the text in your answer.

Plan your writing

Your task is to plan for a recount- consider the different perspectives this story could be told from (Hermione, Malfoy, Madame Hooch).  How would they see the events differently?


Flying lesson starts

Character- excited? Nervous

Description of the setting

Description of the teacher- Madam Hooch


Your character getting the broom to fly "up!"

How does your character feel?  What about the other characters?

" On my whistle, 3,2,1......" 

Neville shoots up into the air- broom goes wild


Neville falls and breaks arm- Madam Hooch takes him to hospital wing.

Warning- " Leave your brooms where they are or you will find yourself out of Hogwarts, before you can say Quidditch!"


Malfoy is unkind about Neville- finds rememberall and flies off "What an idiot!"


Chase between Harry and Malfoy

Harry gets the rememberall