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Tuesday 9th June


Time to warm our brains up!

Today we will be looking at turns and angles as part of our properties of shape topic.

Children will recognise some of the vocabulary, e.g. north, east, south and west but some might be new to them.


Take children outside or somewhere they can practice moving in turns themselves. Label 4 walls/points (for example: North, South, East, West). Give children instructions to encourage them to make 1/2 , 1/4 , 3/4 and whole turns from different starting points. Allow children the opportunity to give instructions too.


If we start by facing ________ and make a _______ turn, what direction will we be facing? If we face ________ and turn to face _______, what turn have we made? If we face north and make a quarter turn clockwise, which direction will we be facing? What if we turn anti-clockwise? What would the time be if the minute hand started at 1, then made a quarter of a turn? Can you see any angles around the home? Remember, an angle is created when two straight lines meet at a point.

Look at the slides then have a go at the questions.

The Lost Happy Endings
by Carol Ann Duffy & Jane Ray


Make a mind map all about the character of Jub.

Include - description using interesting adjectives

- facts that you know from the story

- ideas you might think about her using clues from the text (inference)


Click on each picture to read the story of The Lost Happy Endings...