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Tuesday 19th May 2020


This week's maths focus: money and solving problems involving money


Have a go at these 5 tables tables questions:

4  x 8 = 

4 x 3 =

7 x 8 =

9 x 6 = 

4 x 6 = 


WALT: add money


For today's maths lesson, we're going to be looking at adding and subtracting money using our knowledge of addition and subtraction.


Here is an example:

 If we start with an easy example...

When we have just pence. We can probably do this mentally in our head or we can work it out like:


32p + 10p = 42p










It becomes a little trickier when we have larger amounts. We need to make sure the two amounts we're adding together are in the same unit. (Either £ or pence)


If we wanted to add the pizza to the cake we would add them together (like we do normally with adding and think carefully about adding decimals last week)


Cake - £4.67

Pizza - 385p - we would need to convert this into £ = £3.85



+  £3.85



(Always remember to start with the smallest amount first. In this case, it is the HUNDRETHS. The hundreths are the same as our pence here) 



Let's take a look at this one together.

How much would the skateboard and the football cost altogether? 

BE CAREFUL  - look at my place value


 + £12.35

    £ 3.50





If I wanted two sweets and a teddybear.

Make sure you slow down and do this in small steps.


Each sweet costs 89p

I could. Round this up to 90p and add two of them 

90p + 90p = 180p 

(I would need to take 2 away because I added 2 to round up.)

180 - 2 = 178p = £1.78


or I could work it out like.


+ 89



178p = £1.78


Now, I need to add my amount for two sweets to my teddybear.


Teddybear =     £3.75

Two sweets =  + £1.78





Work these questions out into your red book.

Remember one digit per square.

Remember to use a square for your decimal point too.

Be careful with your place value.


How much would it cost for:

a) Two sweets and a football

b) Two teddybears and a skateboard

c) A bike, a sweet and a teddybear

d) A hat, two sweets and a skateboard.



Problem 1

Avani has £3.56 and Rahul has £4.56.

How much do they have together? 



Reasoning 2

Thor has £5.67 and Grace has 456p.

Grace says, "I have more money than you because I have 456p."

Is she correct? Yes or no?

Explain your reason in as much detail as possible.





Add an adjective to these nouns to create a noun phrase:


1. Beneath the ________ waves, the ________ kelp forest swayed in the current.

2. As the _______ boy stepped out into the clearing, he heard ________ birds chirping.

3. Tentatively, the ________ mouse peered around the corner.

4. Despite the _________ rain, Taran was determined to play football.

WALT: Use progressive tense


We use progressive tense to talk about something that have happened or are continuing to happen. 

We know when something is progressing as the verb (the action word) will end with -ing. 


When an event is in the past (has already happened) we will use 'was' or 'were' before the action word. For example, Taylor Swift was performing at the Manchester Arena.


When an event is in the present (happening right now) we will use 'is' or 'are' before the action. For example, Taylor Swift is performing at the Manchester Arena.


Remember: 'was' and 'is' are the singular and 'were' or 'are' are the plural.


Take a look at the Past and Progressive Tense pdf to learn more about when and how we use progressive tense. 

Now have a go at the questions below in your writing books. Use the answers to check your tenses at the end!