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Brain warm up:  - Have a go at the daily 10 game! 


This week, we are going to be continuing to use our fractions knowledge and learning about decimals too!

WALT: Divide 2-digits by 10


Watch the interactive video from WhiteRose below and the youtube link and then complete the activities into your red maths book.





WALT: Write a summary


Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to use the video 'Ride of Passage' as inspiration for our English work. 


1. Watch the animation.

2. Write a list of all the animals you can see in the video (you might need to watch the animation a few times).

3. Next, write a summary of what happened in the video.

Remember: A good summary must explain who the main character is and the main event of the story. 


New vocabulary and tricky words to include in your summary:

Toki - the name of the character. 

chameleon - a type of lizard that is able to change its colour to camouflage itself.  

indigenous - when something originates in a particular place.  For example: The glass frog is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. This means the Amazon rainforest is where glass frogs are found in their natural habitat.

rite - a ceremony or act. A 'rite of passage' is an event that marks an important stage in a person's life such as birth, becoming an adult, marriage. 



Explain why you believe Toki let the chameleon go at the end of the video.





Please make sure you read for 20 minutes today.

Try to find a quiet place in your house to enjoy a book. This could be in your bedroom or even in the garden.


Activity: Write 3 questions you could ask someone about what you've read so far.





Watch the video below and complete the activity on nouns.




Remember: a noun is a person, place or thing.

There are four types of nouns:  common, proper, collective, abstract.


Common -people, places or things in general. 

Proper - name of a person or place - Needs a capital letter

Collective - a group or set of things.

Abstract - emotions, ideas or concepts.


WALT: sort types of nouns

Using the words below sort them into the four different groups.  You could use subheadings or create a table like the one below to sort them into.


Common Proper Collective Abstract


Words to sort:

penguin Titanic village king Henry the eighth love
fox Miss Rowlands flock patience lfleet river
sympathy sympathy rainbow happiness army child


Challenge: can you add some of your own?

Divide two-digit numbers by 10