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Tuesday 29th June 2021

Our timetable for the day

Good morning 3O! I hope you are all well and are ready for another day of learning! smiley

Before we start with our learning, I have found one of our school assembly songs that I thought you could join in with and have a little dance to.

Our school wake up song - have a sing along, and get your bodies moving!

You might remember this one from the infants also! Find yourself a little bit of room, and start your day off with a bit of singing and dancing to wake those brains up :)



Let's get our brains warmed up a little bit this morning, and have a go at the questions below to help us recap on the bits of learning we have already done this year. Can you answer them all correctly to earn yourself a Golden Ticket?

Now back to continuing with our learning about measure!


Today we are going to move our learning on to look at comparing different lengths. Can you think of some of the vocabulary that we might be using today? Write it down and then tick it off when you use it in the lesson.

Like yesterday, I would like you to watch the video below and then there is a worksheet for you to have a go at answering. Don't forget to send them over to me to mark smiley

Compare lengths

Challenge time!

If you have managed to complete all that learning, and there is still time before playtime, have a little look at the problem below. You don't have to just use the animals in the picture, you can think of your own. How many animals do you think he could have seen? Is there more than one answer?


Let's start with a little bit of spelling first of all. Have a go at turning all the verbs below into present tense verbs by adding the suffix -ing. What rule do you notice? 

WALT: Plan a narrative


Yesterday we began thinking a little bit about our own alternative endings to the story, and what magical object Jub was going to use in order to retrieve the sack of "Happy Endings" back from the witch. 


Today we are going to think about our plan in a bit more detail, and start to build up the action and interaction between the characters, to allow our story to develop. I would like you to draw a comic strip which retells your story.


Think carefully about


1) Where Jub see's the witch: what is the witch doing? Where/ how is Jub watching her from; What do the surroundings look like? 


2) What does Jub do after seeing her? Is she spotted by the witch? Do they say anything to each other? How does she get closer to the witch?


3) What happens with the magical object? How does Jub use it against the witch?  What is the reaction of the witch? What speech is used? (Remember this part of the story should be full of action and should feel very exciting to read).


4) How are you ending your story? What happens to Jub? What happens to the witch? Where does the sack of "Happy Endings" end up?


Within your comic strip you can add as much detail as you need to, to be able to read your story to the adult at home. We will also share these together in tomorrow's lesson so make sure you're prepared. smiley

Comic strip template


This half term we have been learning all about plants; pollination; what they need to be able to survive and the different parts of plants.


Mrs Campbell would like you to showcase all your learning, by creating an interactive game that you can play next week in science. You could make a treasure hunt style game; monopoly, true or false game; Dobble style game etc. After seeing all the wonderful games that were made for your last home learning challenge, I know that you will create something wonderful and that we all have lots of fun playing. 


I have attached the BBC bitesize link below, in case you wish to have a little reminder of some of the learning you have already done. smiley