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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Please find your English and maths below.

It is important you complete these activities everyday.

Remember to send any of your work to

Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe heart



WALT: round decimals

Have at go at rounding these decimals to whole numbers


2.4 ->

4.5 ->

3.9 ->

12.7 ->

34.6 ->

8.4 ->

7.2 ->



Have at go at rounding these decimals to ONE DECIMAL PLACE.


2.46 -> 2.5

4.45 ->

3.94 ->

12.73 ->

34.65 ->

8.48 ->

7.21 ->





Watch this video all about rounding and rounding decimals.


WARM UP: ly words


Turn these root words into adverbs using the suffix ly.


1. Suspicious

2. Silent

3. Product

4. Sleep



WALT: Use VIPERS reading skills


Read through The Great Kapok Tree and answer the comprehension questions: 


V. What does the word 'scampered' mean?

I. Why do you think Senhor decided not to cut down the tree?

P. What do you think Senhor will do once he has left the forest?

E. Explain three reasons why Senhor should not cut down the Kapok tree.

R. Where had the jaguar been sleeping?
S. What is the main moral of the story?


The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

In the Amazon Rainforest, a man is chopping down a great Kapok tree. Exhausted from his labor, he puts down his axe and rests. As he sleeps, the animals who live in the rainforest come to tell him about this great tree.


WALT: use the suffix ly (week 2)


Spend 20 minutes on spelling shed playing the games on suffix 'ly' for this week's spelling.


WALT: use VIPERS skills


Read 20 minutes today

Create a glossary of 5 new or interesting words you found in your book.


CHALLENGE-> Can you use those words in a different sentence of your own?