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Tuesday 14th April


Now this is going to be a test of your memory and listening skills!


What key events can you remember from the Nowhere Emporium so far?

Create a mind map, a time line or a list of key events.


There are some hints below (if you need them)




+ Think back all the way to the prologue where we were first introduced to the Emporium.

+ Daniel & Spud Harper encounters

+ Daniel finding the shop & returning

+ The past chapters (e.g. the monster)

+ Ellie & Emporium Staff

+ The wonders

+ Vindictus Sharpe in present day




Nowhere Emporium Chapters 20 & 21


Each day there will be a daily white rose video and follow up activity.


In addition to this there will be some 'Back to basics'  revision questions from topics we have previously visited.



White Rose

Lesson 1 - Decimals up to 2 dp







Rounding Revision

Classroom Secrets Decimals to 2.d.p optional extension