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Tuesday 20.10.20

Today's riddle has been set by Hanifah, who asks.....

How many letters are in the English alphabet?


Watch the following video to learn about how to use dashes.

Rewrite the following sentences and input dashes into the correct places.

Read chapter 41 of Skelig.
What do you think Michael and his family should call the baby and why?
Read chapter 42 of Skelig.
Write a prediction for the ending of Skelig.


Time to warm up our brains, have a go at the following problems.

Watch the following video to recap BODMAS (order of operations).  The video is a year 6 tradition, feel free to dance around and join in with the actions.  


Have a look at the following problem and decide who is correct.  Remember to use BODMAS.
Time to have a practise, complete 5 of the calculations below choosing which level you would like to work at.
Decide which of these are true or false.

Complete the following worksheet.