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Tuesday 9th June 2020



Work out the missing numbers by multiplying the number in the middle by the number in the inner circle to calculate the outer circle.


Use the formal written method to add these numbers together:


3985 +  567

345 + 78

674 + 396

7456 + 783





Work out the cost for the following:

a)   Two apples, three bananas and two peppers

b)   Three carrots, two packets of strawberries and some chocolate.

c)   Two lots of cheese, some milk and two packets of tomatoes.

d)   A pineapple, some rice, two peppers and a banana.

e)   Some chocolate, two apples and a box of peaches.



- show your working out for each question

- one digit in one box including the decimal point too

- remember your units (pence or £)

- check your answer 


Create your own word problem like the ones above using the grocery list.

-> Post it on our class blog / email it for Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe to solve. yes



Jack says, "Two apples, three bananas and some chocolate would cost £4.10."

Do you agree or disagree?

Explain your answer.



Listen to this song about adverbs and adverbials. 

WALT: Use adverb and adverbial starters


Adverbials modify verbs within a sentence. They can add additional detail by explaining how, why, where or when something happens. An adverbial can also tell us about the duration (how long) or the direction (which way). 


Adverbials can be single words or a phrase. Not all adverbs end in 'ly'. For example, in instructional writing we use adverbs such as 'first', 'next', 'now'. These adverbs tell us when. 


Task 1: 

Sort these adverbials into the correct categories of how, why, where, when, duration and direction. Create a table to help you. Add to each category any other adverbials that you know of. 


TASK 2: 

Choose 4 of these adverbials and use them in a sentence. Remember, if the adverbial starts the sentence we must use a comma to separate it from the main clause.