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Tuesday 19/05/20



Let's warm our brains up this morning with a bit of code breaking! Work through the arithmetic questions and see if you can unveil who the famous singer is.

Measurement - Revision of area and perimeter of compound shapes


Today we are going to spend a lesson revising finding the area and perimeter of compound shapes. Remember you have already done this so just try and think back to your previous learning smiley If you need a little reminder than have a look at the knowledge mats below to help you!

Knowledge Mats

A little easy warm up - calculate the area and the perimeter for both questions

Now it's over to you to find where the two shapes can be made! Remember to calculate both the area and the perimeter :)

Getting a little more challenging now :) Remember there may be more than 2 quadrilaterals that can be made

Challenge yourself

Printable version and answers


We're going to have another practise of the 3 mark questions. Remember these are ones where you need to make different points to answer the question and include the correct evidence from the text to support you.


Read through the text about Dodge and the Tornado and then give 2 examples of how the author builds a sense of danger surrounding the impending storm. 



Semi-Colons, Colons and Dashes

Complete the pages 1 and 2 of the worksheets (below).

The Troll

Read the 'non-fiction' information on the troll (below), think about and answer the questions down the right side of the text.

Read 'House Elves- A History' (see below).

Focus on the introduction..

  • What is it for?
  • What is its purpose?

Structure of the report

  • What can you say about the structure of a non-choronological report?
  • Is there any order at all?


Use coloured pencils/highlighters and create a key.  Highlight effective sentence openers, passive sentences and useful vocabulary that are use in the report.