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Tuesday 16th June


Time to warm our brains up!

Recap what horizontal and vertical lines are. 


Can you find 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines around your house?


What do we call a line that is not horizontal or vertical?
Which shapes/symbols/letters have a horizontal/vertical line of symmetry? Can you remember what a line of symmetry is? A 2D shape is symmetrical if a line can be drawn through it so that either side of the line looks exactly the same.

Do any shapes have both lines of symmetry?
Can you draw your own shape that has a horizontal and vertical line of symmetry?






Have a go at these questions in your maths book.




In the story The Lost Happy Endings, Jub uses a magical gold pen to re-write the ending to the story.

Choose one of the following magic objects and describe them.

Think about - describing how they look and feel (colour & texture)

- describing how they smell and sound

- explaining it's magical powers

- who it might belong to

- where in the forest it is found

Magical objects to help find the lost happy endings...