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Tuesday 14th April


Time to warm our brains up! Have a go at the questions below.

Task - Work your way through the slides then attempt the worksheets attached...


As part of our new topic Stone Age - Iron Age, we will be reading the book 'Stone Age Boy'.

Make predictions from the front cover. Can you give reasons for your predictions using clues and evidence from the front cover?

Now read and enjoy the story - The Stone Age Boy!

Now try these questions about the text.

Find and copy the part of the text that shows the boy was walking for a long time. ______________________________


Find and underline a word that means the same as fell.

I was wandering in the woods when I tripped and found myself falling down, down, down.


According to the text, what is the girl’s name? ____________


Why is the boy relieved to meet someone? _________________________________________________________



What did the little boy decide to do instead of pick berries and nuts?



Look at the final paragraph. Find and copy simile to describe how the men stood.   ________________________



Look at the final paragraph. Find and copy a word that means quickly. ______________________



What does the writer mean by their spears dropped like lightening ?



Our new topic is...The Stone Age to the Iron Age!

We will be exploring the question  -

THE STONEAGE, BRONZE AGE & IRON AGE: What’s it all about?



Read the new list of vocabulary and get someone to test you on the spelling and definition (meaning) of each word.



People who work out our history by looking at artefacts that have been found.



An object made by human beings, usually with historical or cultural interest.



Is the later part of the stone age and follows the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic age.



Before Christ. A date like 250BC means 250 years before Christ was born.



The ordering of events, for example the stone, bronze and iron age.



Groups of people who live together.



People who mainly live by hunting, fishing and gathering wild fruit.



A house where stone age people would have lived.



A group that lived during a period of time long ago.



A place where there were several stone age shelters, like a small village.



An animal that is hunted for its food.