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Tuesday 05/05/20



Let's warm our brains up this morning then!


As I know that 6O are OBSESSED with skittles, I thought we could do a little bit of Maths with them this morning (6T I know you prefer M&Ms so you might want to swap to them).


Using a pack of skittles (you can choose the size) have a go at answering the questions below. If you answer them all correctly then maybe your treat can be to eat them all smiley 

Answer the following questions:

1) What fraction of the packet are orange? Can this be simplified?

2) What fraction of the packet are red? Can this be converted into a percentage?

3) Which colour occurs the most? What fraction is this?

4) Add up the green, red and purple ones, what fraction of the packet are these three colours? What would this be as a percentage?

6) Which colour are you least likely to get?

7) What fraction of the packet are not green?

Maths - Angles in special quadrilaterals 


We're back on angles this week, so watch the video clip on the White Rose Website (Summer wk2, Lesson 1) to get an understanding of the learning we're doing today smiley

Something to help (angles aren't always the same)

A little more practise...



Today we're going to have a look at words from the Yr 5 - 6 spelling list (these are the ones in your home school diary). In particular the words which include double consonants.

Have a go at the crossword below, you can either print it out or just jot it down on paper in the order you can see on the screen.

Using prepositions and adverbs

Underline and identify the adverbs and prepositions in the following sentences.

Read 'The Potions Master' ( Chapter 8) or you might like to listen to the chapter, using the link below.



CHALLENGE- Summarise your first impressions of Snape by writing a 40 word (max) character description of him.