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Africa Project - 2 weeks 

Imagine you are an estate agent working in Kenya. 
You have a property in urban Nairobi (city centre) and a property in rural Nairobi ( farm house)

You have to sell these properties to prospective buyers.

How are you going to make these houses sound irresistible? 


First of all you will need to do some more research on the types of properties in urban Nairobi and rural Nairobi and make notes. 


Can you persuade someone to buy the properties?


Things to include - 


+ An interesting opening sentence about the purchase 
+ Precise information about the location 
+ Who would the location be most suitable for? Why?
+ More detail about the property itself (best features)

-landscape, scenery, amenities, transport, opportunities
-building, rooms, size, neighbours/community, special features