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Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June 2020


During the same time period that the Vikings raided and settled in Britain (AD 787 - AD 1066), the Anglo-Saxons also had an established rule. 


As we learnt earlier in the year, Britain was divided up into many kingdoms and ruled by many kings and queens. The Viking raiders were a threat to all kingdoms and in AD 878, King Alfred (later to be known as Alfred the Great) united the southern kingdoms and fought the Vikings. 


Following this battle, Britain was divided. In AD 886, at the end of King Alfred's war with the Vikings, he and the Viking king, Guthram, signed a treaty that gave half of Britain to the Anglo-Saxons and the other half to the Vikings. King Alfred kept the kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex and Kent. The Vikings controlled the north and east of Britain and the area later became known as 'Danelaw'.  


Take a look through the PowerPoint which will refresh your memory of the Anglo-Saxon kings, Alfred and Athelstan. Have a go at the tasks creating a fact file on Alfred and answering some questions about the Anglo-Saxon kings.