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Monday 18th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020

KQ: How can we protect the rainforests?


As we have learnt over the last few weeks, rainforests are very important. Not only are they homes to thousands of different animals, the world's rainforests play an important part in providing oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. 


Rainforests help us survive for a number of reasons. Deforestation (the cutting down of trees) can have as many positive impacts for humans as it can negative impacts. Take a look at the PowerPoint and see if you can sort the effects into whether they are positive or negative.


Your final task for our Rainforest topic is to use all the knowledge you have learned about forests to inform someone about how they can help protect the rainforests. You could create an advertisement, a poster, a fact file or a PowerPoint presentation that explains why rainforests are important and the small changes we can make to prevent too many trees from being cut down.