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Tuesday 14th March - Friday 17th March 2020


Our new topic is all about rainforests. Earlier in the year, we looked at the Polar Regions and now we will have at how the rainforest differs from the Polar lands.


This week, we will look at where rainforests are found on the earth. 

Unlike the Polar lands, rainforests need a hotter, tropical climate to thrive. 

The PowerPoint will show you the different types of forest we can find on the earth and in which countries they are in. Your task is to research one of the countries named (Honduras or Guatemala) and discover why the rainforest is important to that country.


Challenge: Using your knowledge of the equator and climates, write a definition about where rainforests are found.



Around the World


This week, we are travelling to Russia. Click on the document below for some activities based on traditional Russian culture.