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Have a go at these warm up questions into your red book.
Picture 1
Picture 2


WALT: add decimals


Watch the video below to help you with adding decimals.

Have a go at these questions into your red book.

I want you to do all of them but work through them in this order.

You remember to be careful with how you set out each question - it is important to think carefully about place value.







WALT: Plan a persuasive letter


Today we are going to plan our letter to Senhor's employer in order to persuade him to not chop down the kapok tree. 


Listen to the story of The Great Kapok tree again. As you are watching, write down the THREE arguments that you think are the most important reasons for keeping the kapok tree standing. 

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

Using the planning sheet below to help you, plan out your persuasive letter. We are writing to persuade the employer to not chop down the kapok tree. For each argument, think about the different points the animal made as to why the tree is important. Each of those points will help strengthen your argument for keeping the kapok tree standing. 


Remember, the introduction is explaining why you are writing and the conclusion is a summary of all the points you have made in your arguments. 



Challenge: add in a rhetorical question to one of your arguments.