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Thursday 16th April 2020

Maths WARM UP - practice your 6 times table song! 


WALT: recognise hundreths as decimals


Watch the video below and then complete the activities into your red maths book.




Are these sentences commands, statements or exclamations?

1. The rainforest has thousands of species of animals

2. Don't touch the poison dart frog

3. How wonderful the rainforest is

4. The climate of the rainforests is tropical



WALT: Find the features of an informal letter


An informal letter is one that we would send to friends or family. It can have a 'chatty' style to it but there are features and rules to follow when setting out a letter.


Take a look at the PowerPoint which will show you how informal letters are set out. 


All informal letters must include these features:

- the sender's address in the top right hand corner (otherwise the person receiving the letter wouldn't be able to write back!)

- the date underneath the address

- an appropriate greeting to begin the letter, for example: Dear Toki, 

- an introduction as to why you are writing to them (we are writing to Toki because we want to learn more about living in a rainforest)

- a conclusion (this is where we can ask our questions)

- a complimentary close, such as, 'see you soon' or 'I look forward to hearing from you'

- your name


TASK: Take a look at the example informal letter. Can you find all the features? Underneath are the answers. Did you find them all?


Challenge: Look through the letter again and see what grammatical features you can find. 


Our letter to Toki is going to be a bit longer than the example given in the PowerPoint.


After the introduction of why we are writing to Toki, we will need to explain to him who we are and give him some information about our selves and our daily lives. For example, you might want to explain to Toki what you have been doing at home or tell him about a favourite game of yours. In our conclusion, we will then include the questions we created yesterday so that Toki has something to start off his response with.


Write down a few key bullet points about what you might want to tell Toki in your letter for tomorrow. 




Please read for 20 minutes today and complete the following activity:


WALT: use VIPER skills (vocabulary)


Choose 5 new words or interesting vocabulary words from the section of your book you have read and create your own glossary of new words with the word and the definition


Word -> definition