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Thursday 30th April




Try finding the perimeter of the following need for a ruler use the lengths given to find missing lengths.



Find objects around the home or garden to measure and calculate the perimeter.

Which object has the smallest or biggest perimeter?


Suitable for ages 7 to 11. A demonstration of how to calculate the perimeter and area of simple and compound shapes with the help of 'the crow', and Detectiv...

Click on these activities for a real perimeter challenge...

Use the squares to calculate the perimeter.

Handy hint - each square in your book is 1cm wide so you can just count the squares around the shape to find the perimeter. yes


Continue writing your own flashback to the Stone Age.

Remember to use your plan and get back to 2020 in the end!




Read information about the Stone Age on the following website and make notes of your top 5 facts.