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Thursday 25th June



From one daredevil to another



Harry Houdini


Read the information about Houdini and answer the comprehension questions.







1) Do you think the newspaper is British or American. How do you know?


2) In which season did this event happen? What are the two clues that tell us?


3) When Houdini escaped, how would you describe the crowd?


4) Was this Houdini's first ever escape? Which word tells us?


5) Was it an organised event? How do you know?


6) What is the root word of escapologist?


7) Which word tells us that time passed slowly?


8) Find a word in the final paragraph that means 'to amaze'


9) Do you think Chuck Washington enjoyed reporting this event? Explain


10) Should newspapers have to include a safety notice for its readers telling them not to try and copy Houdini?


11) If Houdini was alive today, what 3 questions would you ask him and why?

Harry Houdini Magic Tricks - The Handcuff King _ Educational Videos by Mocomi Kids.mp4

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Starter -  revision on angles


Main lesson


Today we will be continuing with converting measurements. 


Have a try at the problems and write your answers into your books. Check your answers once you have finished.