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Thursday 23rd April


Let's warm those brains up! 


Countdown time

Can you make the given number using the numbers you've been given. Remember you can use any of the 4 operations but you must only use the numbers once wink

Are these the solutions you also found?

Angles: Angles in a triangle - special cases


Lesson 3 -

A bit more practise


Time to recap the letter string -ough. You can either do this in your books or if you wish to print it out and complete it on the sheet then you can do.



Words with the -ough letter string



Can you now find more words with that letter string and then place them in the correct columns.


Time to warm up our brains using the power point below.

Present Perfect Power Point

Read Chapter 7 'The sorting Hat' up to ' It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all.'  


Using the  power point below and the text, look at the descriptions of Hogwarts- how are the sentences effective?  Gather sentence structures that you could use to describe Hogwarts.

The train up to Hogwarts

Still image for this video
Watch the film clip up to 1 min 45 secs - from the train up to Hogwarts & first view of the great hall.
Write a description of Hogwarts- include some of the sentence structures you have already looked at- ensure you create a vivid image in your description.
Continue to read to the end of 'The Sorting Hat' (Chapter 7).
Look at the houses, which house do you think you belong to and why?  What about some of your family members?  Which house would you put them into?