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Thursday 22.10.20

Today's riddle has been set by May T, who asks.....

A bus driver was heading down a city in Manchester. He went right, passed a red traffic light, did a left turn when there was a "no left turn" sign and went the wrong way down a one-way street! Yet he did not break any traffic laws. Why not?


Time to warm up our brains, complete the following problems.

Watch the following video reason from known facts.

Complete the following worksheet.
If you're up for the challenge, have a go at the following problems.


Complete the following activity.

Read chapters 45 and 46.
Which parts of the story do these pieces of artwork represent?

Your Task

Create your own silhouette piece of art that represents a part of the story of Skellig.

Think about...characters, animals and setting.

Now list quotes from the chapter that your picture represents.


Remember to send your pieces of artwork to