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Which of these calculations match the array?



Which of the questions are incorrect?

8 x 9 = 91

5 x 9 = 54

3 x 9 = 27

4 x 9 = 37

6 x 9 = 72

8 x 8 = 64

10 x 9 = 90




Today, we're going to be looking at line graphs.




Answer these questions into your book

1. How tall was the sunflower on Saturday 14th?

2. How many days did the plant take to grow to 18cm?

3. What is the height difference between Friday 19th and Thursday 25th?







Answer these questions into your book

1. The temperature at 9 a.m. is _______ degrees.

2. The warmest time of the morning is __________.





Answer these questions into your book

1. In which month was the highest temperature recorded?

2. In which month was the lowest temperature recorded?

3. What was the temperature in Jan?

4. How much did the temperature rise from March to June?

5. Between which months was the biggest fall in temperature?





Using direct speech


Take a look through this passage. Add in the missing punctuation for the speech.




Creative Writing Challenge


For Day 4's challenge you are writing as a mirror...



Things to include in your writing:


- fronted adverbials for when and where

- subordinate clauses for extra information

- expanded noun phrases for detail description

- direct speech (use SCAPS to help!)