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Thursday 25th May 2020



How many of these questions can you complete about your 7 x tables?



We've going to be continuing with more division today.

Have a go at working out these questions. 

Below are the questions, answers and even the help sheet again in case you get stuck



Remember: you can always check back to earlier in the week and watch the video to help you.

WALT: Edit and improve a piece of writing


Read back through your scene description from yesterday. Perhaps you could read it aloud to someone - parent, carer, sibling, grandparent, pet even your favourite toy - as this is a good way of checking to see if your sentences make sense. 


Once you've checked it for sense, read it again and search for any spelling errors or bits of punctuation that might have been forgotten. 


WALT: Use VIPERS reading skills


Read through the text about sea explorers then answer the questions.