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Thursday 11th June 2020



Match the calculation to the answer.


Have a go at figuring out what 1000 less and 1000 more are than the given numbers.

One is done for you.


1000 less Number 1000 more
4345 5345 6345






How much would it cost for:


a)      1kg of grapes, a pineapple and two bananas?

How much change would you get from £10?


b)  2kg of grapes and two pineapples?

If I have £5. How much more money will I need?


b)  100g of grapes?

(Think about what you already know... 1kg = 1000g)


c) 300g of grapes and two bananas

(Work out what 100g is first and then you'll need 3x that amount)


d)  1/2 kg of grapes, three pineapples and two bananas. 

How much change would you get from £20?



a)   Xaivion has £10.00 to spend on a haircut.  However, the haircut only costs him £8.36.  How much money does he have left?


b)   Sam has 2.89.  He wants to buy a book which costs £7.50.  How much more money does he need?


c)  If you bought 5 kilos of potatoes at 23p a kilo and a bag of carrots costing 39p a bag, how much change would you get from £5? 





Book Review


A book review helps others decide whether or not they should read text. The review should do these three things:


1. Summarise the story - What was the story about? hat genre is it (comedy, adventure, horror, fantasy)? 


2. Give your opinion of the characters - Who were the main characters? Did you like them or did they do something that annoyed you? What are their personalities like? 


3. Give your opinion on the way the story has been written - Did the story have good pace between events? Did events happen too quickly or too slowly? Was there enough detail? What did the author write well?


Using the book you have just read or one of the novels we read in class (The Polar Bear Explorers' Club or Charlotte's Web), write a review for one of your classmates. 


Not all reviews have to be positive! Sometimes a story just doesn't hook us.

Use the positive and negative book review sentence starters below to help:

Negative sentence starters
Positive sentence starters