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Thursday 21/05/20



Let's warm our brains up this morning by spending some time on Times Tables Rockstars. 

Maths - Reasoning Paper


Today we are going to have another go at working through a reasoning paper. Remember these questions might not be about learning we've done this year but it might have happened in Yr3, 4 or 5. You should allow yourself 40 minutes and use all the time effectively - it's not a race! 


Work through the questions carefully and see if you can beat the score you achieved three weeks ago smiley



Printable version and answers



Have a read of the Snow Queen below then answer the questions based on the text you have read.

The Snow Queen


Read through the following guidance on how to write a report for a magical beast.  Note down any phrases or vocabulary that you would like to 'magpie' and use in your report.


Using the documents below- 'Werewolves' and ' Acromantulars', read through these two WAGOLLs and think about the structure, vocabulary, topic sentences and how the writer has made themselves sound like an expert.



Using the document below, plan your non-chronological report about your magical creature.