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Thursday 30th April 2020

 Please find your English and maths below.

It is important you complete these activities everyday.

Remember to send any of your work to

Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe heart


Look at this bar graph and answer the questions below.



How many children like historical books?

How many MORE children prefer real life than adventure?

How many children answered the survey altogether?



WALT: recognise halves and quarters


WALT: Write a character description


We are going to use noun phrases and fronted adverbials for where to write a description of an animal from the rainforest. 


We know that a noun phrase is an adjective (a describing word) and a noun (a place, a person or an object). If describing a noun, we could use adjectives that describe the size, shape, colour, texture or age. 

For example: red feathers, oval eyes, rough bark, enormous tree. 


A fronted adverbial before the noun phrase will give extra detail by saying where something is. We can use prepositions, such as, on, under, beside, across, to be specific. 

For example: On its wings, there were red feathers. Beside the river, there was an enormous tree. 

Remember: A comma needs to go after the fronted adverbial to separate it from the main clause. Read the main clause without the fronted adverbial to check for sense.



Look at this picture of the jaguar. Using fronted  adverbials and noun phrases, write a description of the animal. As a challenge, think about the movement of the jaguar as it pads through the forest. Use some adverb starters to help describe this.




WALT: punctuate sentences accurately


Look at these sentences below and add the correct punctuation.


1.  in the rainforest there are a variety of different creatures

2.  the man stood up picked up his axe and swung his arm back ready to strike the tree

3.  suddenly the man stopped in his tracks

4.  the jaguar growled in the mans ear senhor the kapok tree is my home


SPELLING RULE:  suffix ly

change the words below into adverbs by adding 'ly'

quick ->

anxious ->

neat ->

anger ->

kind ->

greedy ->

gentle ->

beautiful ->

desperate ->

easy ->



put these words into sentences of your own



WALT:  use VIPERS reading skills


Watch this music video and answer the questions below using the song lyrics.

1) Find and copy a group of two words that mean 'happens quickly'.

2) What is a synonym for 'vacation'?

3) Find and copy a group of words from the song that describe how the singer wants to be somewhere where she is unknown. 

4) How might 'looking for a connection in a crowd' make you feel? Use evidence to support your answer.

5) 'The singer wants to run away' - Find evidence to support this statement.