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Thursday 11th June


Time to warm our brains up!

Rewatch the video 'What is an angle?' from yesterday.


Recap what an acute and obtuse angle is. Can the children give an example? What makes them so special? Can they draw a shape with those angles in it? Can they show a time where the hands on the clock make an acute/obtuse angle?




Draw this diagram in your maths book and label the acute angles (A) and the obtuse angles (O) on it.


Challenge yourself with this question. Think carefully what the possible answers could be then try describing one to someone in your family.

The Lost Happy Endings
by Carol Ann Duffy & Jane Ray



Remember prepositions can describe where a noun is.

For example - above, around, on top of, underneath, within, over



Click on each picture to read the story of The Lost Happy Endings...