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Thursday 07/05/20



Let's warm those brains up this morning! Have a look at the two problems below and have a go at solving them smiley

Maths - Problem Solving


Today we are going to have a look at some problem solving skills today and strategies that can help us to tackle different problems. 


Have a watch of the two videos below and have a go at the questions as the videos are playing (remember to pause it when it tells you to, to give you the time to work it out).


PDF version of questions from the video

Reading Comprehension


Linking your learning that you did in Year 5 about Rosa Parks, have a little read through the text and answer the questions attached. It should only take you 20 mins in total smiley

Reading text and questions

Look at the two paragraphs one from Harry Potter and one not.  What makes the second paragraph at a higher level?  What can you learn from this to use in your writing?



Your task is to write a recount (planned yesterday) of the flying lesson. Have a look at the WAGOLL (at the end of the page) to remind yourself of the expectation.  Remember to send your writing for us to see via email


  • First person
  • Past tense
  • Vary your sentences (long/short, simple/complex)
  • Powerful verbs
  • Precise nouns
  • Worthwhile adjectives & adverbs
  • Explain your feelings
  • Give your opinion as well as the main events
  • Personal and informal style
  • Time connectives ( later, immediately, suddenly, after a few minutes)
  • Use of direct quotations/ reported speech