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Thurs 14/05/20



Let's warm our brains up this morning with some shape work. Using the tangram below firstly have a think about what shapes you can see (try to think outside of the box and find some irregular polygons). 


Then have a go at using the shapes you can see to create: a rabbit, a dog, a running man, a boat, a house and anything else that you can make. If you prefer then you can print it out and cut it up, or you can just draw out the shapes your using into your jotters and colour them in smiley.


Tangram and an example of a cat

Printable version



Today we are continuing to solve questions involving measurement. Work through the different questions below and see how you get on.


Remember for some of them you might have to think back to learning you have previously done in Yr3, 4 and 5.

Measuring questions



Let's recap on the spelling rule ence, ent and ency. These are often used with the preceding letter is either a soft c (eg. decent) soft g (e.g. regent) or qu (e.g. frequent).


Have a go at completing the missing words in the sentences by choosing the correct suffix.


Complete the activity below.


Today you are going to be writing the rest of 'The Monster'.  Re- read the opening of the story (below) that you are going to be continuing today.
Remind yourself of the structure and expectation of this piece, by looking at the WAGOLLs from yesterday.
Using your plan, write the continuation of the story, make sure you email them to as we love seeing and reading your writing.