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The Big Question

Punishment through the Ages!


This half term, Year 6 will be travelling back in time to circa 1066AD to decide for themselves our Big Question:


Which era would you rather have been punished in?


They will become researchers to delve into the past and present investigating the types of crimes and punishments and how they can be prevented. 


We are looking forward to our trip to The Police Museum and Manchester Courts on the 26th November!


Undertaking various activities across the curriculum, they will research the similarities and differences between the different law systems that have been in place in England since the Romans invaded. They will debate the pros and cons of the varying punishments and look to see how our judicial service has been developed. 


Throughout history, theft has always been the most common crime and

although punishments have become less harsh than at other times in history, the death penalty was only abolished in 1965!


Have a look at our brilliant topic research below...





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