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Summer 2

Summer 2

English - The Land of Roar

Maths - Time, Geometry: Shape and Geometry: Position and Direction
Science - Sound

Geography - Contrasting Climates: The Rainforest

Art/DT - Henry Rousseau

Computing - Coding

Physical Education - Athletics  

French -

Music - 

Values / Attitudes - Courage & Reflective Learner 

Monday 7th - Friday 18th June 2021


Achievers of the Week - Tayla-Mae and Rowan


We had a great start to the final half term of the year! On Monday, we began the day with a puppet show about a young girl who dreamed of becoming an astronaut. In Maths, we have began our topic on Time and have looked at analogue clocks, telling the time to the closest minute to and past the hour. For Science, we went on a walk around the school and created a sound map, listening carefully for all the different sounds we can hear inside and outside the school. In Geography, we looked at where in the world the tropical rainforests are located, learning about the two lines of latitude they are found between: Tropic of Caner and Tropic of Capricorn. What we have enjoyed most this week is our English and Guided Reading sessions. Using our new fantasy book, The Land of Roar, we began creating our own fantasy worlds. Take a look at some of the worlds we made here:

Monday 14th - Friday 18th June 2021


Mr B made a come back this week! Rather than his Romans helmet, Mr B was wearing his scientific hat this time and introduced us to the History of Sound. We learnt about the gramophone and how sound recordings developed over time. We also looked at how sound travels through the air to our ears as sound waves, pretending to be the atoms that vibrate to keep sound travelling out. 

Monday 21st - Friday 25th June 2021


We didn't let the sudden rain get us down this week on our trip to Victoria Park. Instead, we donned our raincoats and had a go at some different activities in the outdoor area. With Miss van de Stouwe, the children split into groups and came up with sound effects to go a long with a story about Doris the Loris who wanted to become an author in the rainforest. Mrs Holmes had the children on an invertebrates hunt and Mrs Williams inspired the children to make collages using leaves and other vegetation available.  

Monday 28th June - Friday 2nd July


Achievers of the Week - Amelia A, Yaseen, Pedro, Kaius


It has been a busy week for Year 4. After completing our final assessments of the year, the children were able to enjoy a wonderful day out to Chester Zoo. We had an excellent day going around the zoo, looking and learning at all the different animals. We also took part in a rainforest workshop led by the staff at Chester Zoo where we completed different science-based activities around rainforest life. The children showed off their rainforest knowledge to the staff and asked good questions! 

Sports Day!


Despite having to change locations, we made the most of it and completed our track and field events on the school field. And, wow, can 4S move!