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Summer 2

English- The Nowhere Emporium (Diary entry / Setting description / balanced argument / non-chronological report)

Maths-  Angles / Shape
Science-  Revision

History - Ancient Mayans

Art - African art printing

Computing-  Scratch animated stories / online safety

Physical Education-  Football / Euro competition


Music- Brass project (Trumpet)

Values / Attitudes - Courage & Reflective Learner 

Week 2  - Monday 14th - Friday 18th June 2021


Achievers of the week:      (Focus: taking on board advice and feedback)


This week, 5R have been working hard in all of their lessons. 



This week, we have been continuing to read more of 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie and we are loving the suspense in the classroom after the end of each chapter. We've been working hard building vocabulary towards our setting descriptions for the inside and outside of The Nowhere Emporium shop. 


Check out some of our ideas for our work so far...





This week, we have been continuing to learn all about angles. This week, we've been mastering how to accurately use a protractor to measure angles.



This week, we have started our new history topic all about Ancient Mayans. We've been ordering the key events and creating our very own ancient Mayan timelines.

Week 1  - Monday 7th - 11th June 2021

Achievers of the week: Zahra/ Dior (Focus: courage)


What a fantastic first week back in 5R! I've been really super pleased and proud with the effort 5R have shown.

We've been working really hard on lots of new topics and starting to get ourselves ready for year 6.


In English, we've started our new class text 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie, which 5R are definitely already hooked by! This week, we got into role as Daniel Holmes and wrote our own diary entries. 

Check them out below. I'm sure you'll agree, they're fantastic! 

In maths, we've started to learn all about the different types of angles and being able to identify different types and explain the differences. We particularly enjoyed playing Simon Says Angle version this week!